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Properties You Must Know About Fluff Pulp

Posted by Admin on October, 12, 2021

Fluff pulp refers to one type of chemical pulp produced by long softwood fibers. Important parameters about fluff pulps are water absorbency and bulkiness.

It was first made for disposing of sanitary napkins. Then it was distinguished with other products like wood pulp. Many manufacturers were ready to transform it into a diaper due to its high absorbency and low cost. Maximum usage was for producing diapers.

From the 80s, we had seen general commercialisation with better porosity, bulk, softness, strength, and water absorbency. Later the use of fluff pulps especially in diaper production was reduced. Now it is used for holding the wet & dry strength of industrial products with suitable flexibility.

Manufacturers of Fluff Pulp:

Mostly it is in the form of chemically bleached softwood pulps. Hence, it is the raw material to produce such pulp without undergoing any hardcore process. Thick fibers used by Fluff Pulp Exporter United States guarantees its storage.

It is sometimes put on rolls on the Four drinier machine. The main objective to get fond of fluff pulp is to reduce the usage of paper. It will transform sheeting or drying operations without using paper woods. Before drying, it must be used debonders for easy defibration.

The production of this fiber is in few trillions. Hence, you may guess about its usage especially in the USA.


Fluff pulps have been the raw form of personal care materials like feminine hygiene, diapers, air-laid towels, and many more. It is another means of synthetic fiber or superabsorbent.

It has more usage over baby diapers. We stick to its water absorbent phenomenon.

The most demand lies with air-laid materials to serve utensils, various applications for industry, hospitals, and homes. Its air-laid products are quite flexible for defibration inside the hammer mill. It is the genuine rule to freeze the fibers before pushing them into the paper mill. Important properties related to dry defibration are knot content and shredding energy.

How to Judge the Fluff Pulp?

Softwood pulps and fluff pulps are followed with the same production rules as described by Fluff Pulp Exporter United States. But these have some related differences due to waxes & resins. They may have different sheet resistance and moisture sensitivities.

Now, the market is ready for accepting easy disposable products. Hence, we may see huge growth of fluff pulps in the Latin American market.

The price is moving up as well due to increased quality and the best raw material.

The superior trends are bringing it to a new stage.

We are already convinced with its high absorption rate, brightness, network strength, bulk wetting, compression, and other crucial rules. In any hygienic operation, this type of easy drying fiber is useful. We may not get such features in hardwood fibers with weaker reliability & strength. Once it was on top for domination of fiber markets.

While we have alternative solutions for this fiber, we should stick to this fiber for accomplishing related tasks as we did in old times.

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